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Saixiang Technology Group donated one million for fire fight
  • 2016-07-20
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       After the “8.12” Tianjin port Ruihai hazardous chemical warehouse fire accident, the bravery and great “retrograding” of fire fighters have moved hundreds of millions of people. All of theses people are concerned about the fire fighters who killed or injured in the accident, including all leaders and staffs of Saixiang Technology Co.,Ltd. Saixiang Group has donated one million yuan in recent days to comfort and compensate these fire fighters who killed or injured in the “8.12” Tianjin port Ruihai hazardous chemical warehouse fire accident.

       As a key enterprise growing up in Binhai New Area, Saixiang Technology Group has been concerned about the accident and believes that disaster is an order, relief is obligation! Chairman Zhang Jianhao first puts forward proposal to donate money to those fire fighters in the accident, and answers the call of Binhai New Area, City association of industry and Commerce to self examine and investigate enterprise safety management, eliminate security risks. Meanwhile, all employees are required to pay attention to and support the accident rescue in a positive and correct way and transfer positive energy with love. Saixiang Group takes action to meet the test of the disaster, gives love and takes responsibility.

       “8.12” Accident Donor Activity of Binhai New Area enterprise held in Binhai cultural business center on August 21th, deputy secretary and inspector of Binhai New Area working committee Zhang Shijun attended the activity, on behalf of Saixiang group, Party Secretary Han Zisen made a on-site donation.

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