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Two kinds of interpretation of “Internet plus"
  • 2016-07-20
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       The general manager of Saixiang Technology Shi Hang points out to the reporter of "China Electronics News", now “Internet plus" becomes popular vocabulary, everything seems “Luxury, Large, Level up” followed by the suffix of the Internet. Specific to the machinery industry, with the Internet as the basis + intelligent manufacturing + big data analysis + remote control + cloud services and so on, eventually achieve the goal of the intelligent factory, this must be the direction and trend of future development and Saixiang called it as upward plus. However, to achieve these goals, we must first ensure continuous and stable production of single unit equipment or production line and continuous and stable automatic production. Each individual unit and individual parts of single unit equiment or production line must meet the quality requirements. Saixiang called it as downward plus. Only the downward plus is real, laying a sound foundation, anything about the upward plus will be alright without a problem. But if the stability of the equipment is not high, the quality is unreliable, the more upward plus things, the greater the loss will be. Saixiang approach has been to insist “upward plus” as well as adhere to “downward plus”, to some extent, intensify the “downward plus”.

       The reason why such a phenomenon occurs, we found that in the process of purchasing equipment, foreign enterprises have also exported the management. Taking Germany famous tire company as an example, before purchasing equipment, Saixiang will receive more than 10 kinds of technical standard documents covered all aspects, including design, processing, assembly, packaging and problem feedback. Figuring out standards, and then conduct technical exchanges, quotations until the contract is signed. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the effective implementation of various standards in the manufacturing process. To sum up, any standard product we want to buy, you must guarantee to manufacture products according to the standard we required.

       In contrast, when domestic tire company places an order, most of them just carry out a kind of national standard, and equipment manufacturer also just carry out the standard. The results can be imagined.

       Most of the domestic tire enterprises can not set standards, can only spend a high price to buy equipment from Europe and the United States enterprise. While world famous tire enterprises purchase highest cost-effective equipment from Saixiang Technology by setting standards and outputting management. Over the years, by collaborating with world famous tire enterprises, form management point of view, we always adhere to build system, develop standards, implement standards, improve revision and develop continually. If you have standard, we produce the products according to it, if not, we follow our own standards.

       By some years striving, the quality of Saixiang product continues to improve and brand effect gradually reveals. In April, 2014, Saixiang Technology reaches a cooperation agreement with a famous Germany tire enterprise, designs giant engineering radial tire molding equipment for the enterprise and outputs to its Germany headquarters factory. This is also the first time for Chinese rubber machine industry to export a complete set of equipment to Germany which is famous for manufacturing industry.

       In June of the same year, Saixiang Technology designs and manufactures a complete set of giant engineering radial tire molding equipment for India BKT tire company. The equipment can produce giant engineering radial tire with a diameter of about 3.5 meters, which had hitted an all-time record in India tire history and filled the gap in India market.

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