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  • 2016-07-20
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       Saixiang technology is providing customized solutions for global tire customers, implementing customized design, manufacturing and service. And the company hopes to realize the transformation from manufacturing to the intellectual, the transformation from product to service through Four Modernization—manufacturing digital, management informatization, product intellectualization and platform-based service.

       "We used to sell a single product, equipment, now sell the intelligence and automation solutions, in the future, the service should be added, except for solution, we also emphasize on service, realize the transformation from manufacturing oriented enterprises to service oriented enterprises." Shi Hang told reporters.

       Saixiang Technology has already done well in “downward plus”, and realized intelligence of single machine equipment. On the road of intelligent production, the company chose a shortcut——purchasing. In addition to independent research and development, Saixiang Technology also frequently employed measures in the capital market. To obtain patent, technology and channel and enrich its own product line, the company quickly enters into the field of automated logistics and other related fields by means of purchasing and share-holding, which take a solid step toward the goal of “upward plus”.

       By the end of 2014, Saixiang technology have purchased Guangzhou Jingyuan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “ Jingyuan Mechanical and Electrical”), taken equity stakes in Langfang Zhitong Robot System Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “ Zhitong Robot”). The strength of Jingyuan Mechanical and Electrical is AGV intelligent logistics, which is conducive to the construction of tire logistics automation intelligent system of Saixiang Technology. The founder of Zhitong Robot Doctor Gan Zhongxue used to be director and chief scientist of North America in ABB group Robotics Research Center who has a deep accumulation in robot automation system.

       “With its own strong manufacturing capacity and automatic logistics acquired from other enterprises, Saixiang wants to gradually build a complete solution included tire intelligent equipment - Automatic Logistics for tire factory, and eventually moves toward intelligent factory.” Shi Hang explained.

       At present, the acquisition of Saixiang technology in the capital market has showed synergistic effect in the tire industry . When building a new factory in Thailand, Qingdao Sen Qi Lin Tire Co., Ltd has ordered 43 AGV logistics car from Saixiang Technology; while Shanghai Shuang Qian Tire Company is in the planning of the new intelligent chemical plant built in the future, Saixiang Technology has already participated in plant layout and technical process design.

       For Saixiang Technology, the development direction of the future production and technology is to realize informationization, intelligentization, flexibility and automation. “Chinese manufacturing industry has come to a critical period of transformation. The following research and development has reached the bottleneck stage, it must transfer from the following manufacturing to independent research and development and independent creation.” Shi Hang emphasized.

       The original text is from “the China Electronics News”

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